ICD-10 is coming, and practices that have not begun preparing for this major change in the health care industry should not waste another minute! Starting October, 2015, all health care professionals who are covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act will be expected to switch to this new coding system, not just those who submit Medicare and Medicaid claims. ICD-10 diagnosis codes must be used for all health care services provided in the U.S., so if providers do not want to find themselves left behind it is time to start preparing now. Thankfully, Complete Healthcare Solutions has two options for providers looking for software that is ready to navigate the ICD-10 road ahead. 

With option one, providers can save 30 percent on Lytec practice management system or Lytec MD integrated PM/EHR solution.

This includes:

  • ICD-10 Readiness
  • Stage 1 - Meaningful Use
  • Stage 2 - Set-Up and Implementation
  • Free Support for 30 Days

With option two, providers can get McKesson's Practice Choice, Lytec's proven practice management cloud-based EHR system, with a price that is sure to suit their budgets. Low monthly subscriptions starts at $249.

Providers who are still unsure of some of the finer details of ICD-10 should download our free ICD-10 preparedness guide, which provides all of the information they need to make important decisions regarding how their practices should move forward and what tools they will need to to ensure a seamless transition. No matter what a practice's unique needs are, CHS has the tools to help meet their health IT goals. 


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