CHS Team at work with McKesson medical practice softwareWe are a fast growing technology company that develops valuable software applications and services generating advanced software solutions for small to medium medical practices. We provide our clients with the latest in McKesson technology, development, and  design while offering functional, fast-loading, and staff-friendly medical solutions.

CHS is proud to offer the CHS Healthcare Connected Initiative, (HCI). Through the leverage of the HCI, we are able to provide affordable software solutions for small to mid-size healthcare practices. Our HCI program currently includes over 1,200 CHS installations and over 7,000 CHS providers.

CHS is a national company with local offices founded in 1994. We are a large, stable company, with local presence, providing personal service and support. The small to mid-size healthcare practice requires this unique approach to ensure a long and healthy relationship with their software vendor. Ensuring this relationship is built to last is our day-to-day focus. Ensuring your satisfaction is our goal.


Our foundation is unique and at the core of our success. Since our inception, we have realized and acknowledged the difference between the importance of providing healthcare solutions and just selling software.

To ensure the realization of our mission, to provide the very best healthcare solutions for the small to mid-size private practice, we made the conscious decision to create specific employment criteria. All of our employees are “healthcare people.” CHS employees are practice administrators, healthcare software executives, healthcare clinical staff, licensed educators, certified healthcare consultants, CPA’s, support staff triage experts, software certified, billing certified, and friendly, knowledgeable human beings.


In summary, the CHS Healthcare Connected Initiative is the only program like it in the industry today. Built over many years, it includes a wide array of solutions and is affordable. Our products and services are second to none because our leadership, employees and commitment to the industry are the best available, period.